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Valued Customers


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“There are not enough superlatives I can state to describe the professionalism and knowledge of their great staff.  It all starts at the top with the owner.  He is as customer driven as you could desire and is genuinely concerned about you, the patient, and genuinely wants to help provide a solution to your sleep issues.  He’s put together an outstanding team of professionals that will help you big-time.  I want to specifically give high praise to my tech when having my overnight sleep study done.  He explained the process from start to finish, what I should expect and how the results of the study would/could greatly improve my health and quality of life.  I will tell you this.  This was the first solid night’s sleep I’ve had in over the part two years.  I now am on my way to better health and much needed uninterrupted sleep!” 

- Chuck Taylor

"I was very impressed with the professionalism and care during my sleep study."

- Marilyn Moore

"For the first time I had a very outstanding tech who made me feel at ease and kept his word at everything. Outstanding job and place to sleep well."

- Ellen Ybarra

"The sleep environment was very comfortable and homey. The technician was very friendly and helpful. I felt like I was home again..."

- Malika Aldridge

"All around great staff, very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Enjoyed my time here."

- Charles Shulz

"The sleeping rooms were very clean and it made me feel comfortable than I expected. Staff was great!" 

- Ann Ndubueze

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