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Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Life


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It all starts with a Consultation with a Board Certified Sleep Physician.  You will consult with our physician and he/she will not only answer any questions you may have but will also determine the best Plan of Care for you.


If as a result of your consultation, an overnight sleep study has been ordered for you, then we will schedule the study for a time that is most convenient for you.


You are our guest at one of our home-like private bedrooms and sleep just as you would at home.  You will wind down by reading a book or watching a bit of TV. No need to be concerned about falling asleep with the lights or TV on, we will turn them off for you.  While you sleep, a sleep technologist will monitor your brain waves, rapid eye movements, breathing patterns, respiratory efforts, oxygen levels, snoring, muscle tone and leg movements, electrocardiogram and heart rate via the non-invasive and painless electrodes which were attached to you when you arrived.


Your study is evaluated by our clinical coordinator and then by our physician.  You are then contacted with the results and follow-up action plans.  Your results will also be hand-delivered to your referring physician.


Usually this is when most other centers’ contact with the patient stops.  But at Advanced Sleep Centers , we continue our support by checking up on your prescribed action-plan through our follow-up program.  You are now part of our family and are encouraged to stop by or call us any time to ask questions or make changes or adjustments to equipment.  We will assist you in following all recommended procedures of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to ensure Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Life.

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